Monday, January 10, 2011

RAF display team fly the colours...

The 2010 RAF Hawk display team is seen performing an incredible vertical climb in Up and an 11 Squadron Typhoon from RAF Coningsby accelerates and climbs during a training sortie in the picture Breaking the Silence.
Warrant Officer Mick Gladwin, added: 'Royal Air Force photographers have superb technical ability and take great pride in their work.  
'As reflected in the entries this year, they strive to achieve the highest standards in areas as diverse as aerial reconnaissance, portraiture and video as well as completing tasks in support of the police, post crash management, engineering, medical and dental branches in their day-to-day duties.'
The images will be displayed electronically on glass panels at the RAF Museum in Hendon, London, from January 15 to April 15.
Hawk TMK1 display jets vertical climb
UP: Hawk TMK1 display jets perform a vertical climb

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