Thursday, March 10, 2011

British dentist suspended for obscene gestures to patients...

British Dentist Suspended for 

Farting and Belching on Job

Mar 9, 2011 – 2:14 PM
David Moye
David MoyeContributor
Some dentists use laughing gas on the job, but one British dentist has been suspended for using the human kind instead.

Authorities at the British General Dental Council say they will removeMatthew Walton, 35, from the official Dentist's Register next month for a variety of offensive offenses, including farting and belching in front of patients and staff.

In addition, Walton has been accused of swearing and making "V-sign" hand gestures to patients and staff behind their backs.
British Dentist Suspended For Farting and Belching on Job
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British dentist Matthew Walton has had his license suspended for a variety of offenses, including passing gas and belching in front of his patients.

Walton had been employed at a dental practice in Whitchurch, Shropshire, but officials ruled that his conduct truly stunk and required immediate suspension of his registration "for the protection of the public."

The list of tacky transgressions includes:
  • Breaking wind during appointments
  • Telling a patient he had bad breath
  • Making derogatory comments about unemployed patients
  • Pushing a nervous teenage patient back into his chair, telling him, "You will sit and let me do it."
Walton admitted all the allegations about clinical matters, but denied some of the allegations of poor conduct. However, the committee said, "In the course of your evidence you did make further concessions regarding the [conduct] allegations."

The committee also concluded it had "taken into account the nature of your misconduct both towards patients and staff and your clinical failings" and also "your lack of insight and lack of remediation."

Unless Walton appeals the suspension, he will be forbidden from legally working as a dentist in the United Kingdom.

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