Sunday, March 6, 2011

Topless protesters in Ukraine slam 'win a wife' contest...

Topless protesters slam win-a-wife contest

Women’s rights activists in Ukraine did not think a ‘win a wife’ competition run by a New Zealand radio station was the breast idea in the world, so they went topless to vent their anger.

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Topless protesters in Ukraine (Picture: AP)Chest making a point: Topless protesters in Ukraine (Picture: AP)
As we reported recently, radio station The Rock FM gave listeners the chance to win a 12-night holiday in the Ukraine with spending money – and a wife from a bride agency.
The competition closed on February 28 and earlier this week a group of women from campaign group Femen – which opposes sex tours in Ukraine – stripped off to express their outrage.
Their logic, to some, might seem suspect, since if there's one thing likely to boost the sex-tourism industry in Ukraine - it's snaps of topless ladies, in Ukraine.
Topless protestersThe ladies cannot bare Ukraine being used as a sex-tour destination (AP)
Braving bitterly cold weather, the nine women stood outside Kiev's central marriage registration facility waving banners that read ‘Ukraine is not a brothel’ and ‘bride for wildman’.
Defending the station, The Rock FM program director, Brad King, told the New Zealand Press Association the competition was ‘a bit of a laugh’.
The action by Femen is the latest in a spate of protests that involved baring the flesh.
Last month Belgian protesters stripped to their underwear as the country ‘celebrated’ a world record period without a government and 249 days since prime minister Yves Leterme resigned and a naked protester clambered up an electricity pylon to complain about a police crackdown on beggars in China.
There was also the naked protest by the spanner-wielding mechanic De Tseng, last year – also in China.
The question on everyone's lips, is: Who will be naked next, and what will they be angry about?

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