Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Man sets sail on ice sheet with only a bottle of vodka - Poland

Man sets sail on ice sheet with only vodka bottle for company 

Drunk Michal Kawolski was rescued by astonished coastguards after floating out to sea on a sheet of ice while still clasping a bottle of vodka.

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Michal Kawolski floating on iceA confused Michal Kawolski floats out to sea on an ice sheet
The 23-year-old was spotted by coastguards as he floated past them off the coast of Gdansk, Poland.
Mr Kawolski had been drinking with friends when, naturally, he decided it would be a good idea to test the strength of the ice that was forming on the shoreline of the Baltic Sea.
One of Mr Kawolski's drinking pals said: 'We dared him to do it and it seemed like a good idea.
'There was a loud crack and then he started to float away.
'We thought it was funny at first but then he started to scream for help.'
The powerful currents pulled him about a kilometre out to sea.   
A rather shaken Mr Kawolski was taken to hospital where he stayed overnight to be treated for hypothermia.
Following the ordeal Mr Kawolski said: 'Well, I won't be doing that again.'

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