Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Radio station's 'Win a funeral' contest - Germany

  • 8 March 2011, 9:05

Radio station's 'win a funeral' contest

Coffin /Rex
A German radio station is offering listeners the chance to win a cheque to cover the cost of their own funeral.
More than 600 contestants have sent in their own headstone epitaph for the Radio Galaxy competition in Aschaffenburg.
Presenter Jens Pflueger defended the competition, saying it was aimed at breaking society's "taboo" about death.
"We wanted to raise awareness about this difficult topic among young people," he told the BBC.
"We want people to send in their own epitaphs. If they send someone else's quote that's OK, but for me that's not creative enough."
The prize is £2,500 which has to be spent on death insurance to cover funeral expenses.
The Association of German Undertakers condemned the competition as "tasteless" and is suing Radio Galaxy in a bid to block the contest.
"This activity is not just impious and tasteless, it is also immoral as regards the law against unfair competition," it said.

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