Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Top audacious heists...

Top audacious heists

The Harry Winston robbery, where men dressed in drag made off with £75 million worth of jewels, is one of several audacious heists in the last couple of years worthy of Ocean's 11.

Harry Winston's Paris boutique
Luxury jeweler Harry Winston's Paris boutique, scene of the robbery in 2008 Photo: AP
Earlier this year French detectives arrested a Marseille gangster after he claimed in a book to be the mastermind of the so-called Heist of the Century - a £24 million robbery in 1976 by a gang that burrowed into a Nice bank from the sewers.
Jacques Cassandri, 68, was held after writing under the pseudonym Amigo In The Truth about the Nice Heist. He said he was tired of living in the shadow of a man assumed to have led the robbery, who he claimed played only a small part. Thirteen robbers spent two months tunnelling to the bank before escaping with 370 bags of gold, jewellery and cash.
In France again, a law graduate, Fabienne Levy, admitted carrying out a spate of armed robberies with her son as a getaway driver, tealing £150,000 from banks across France and Germany.
The 51-year-old insisted that she was seeking revenge against an "unfair" banking system and insisted she remained polite while holding up the four banks between 2006-2007. In December, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
In December, an armed bandit escaped from the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas with £1.25 million worth of chips. He entered the casino wearing a full crash helmet and leather jacket, brandishing a handgun, before going to the gambling tables and demanding the chips, running outside with his haul and escaping on a motorbike. The alleged bandit returned to the scene of the crime several times however, before being arrested. Bellagio chips cannot be spent anywhere else.

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