Thursday, September 30, 2010

Man wins lottery millions again within 3 months.

After US$1 mil. lottery win, US man wins US$2 mil. more

ST. LOUIS--The odds against winning US$1 million in the Lottery: Astronomical. How about doing it twice?
It happened to a man from Missouri, Lottery officials said Tuesday. Ernest Pullen, 57, won US$1 million with a “100 Million Dollar Blockbuster” Scratchers ticket in June. And this month, he won US$2 million with a “Mega MONOPOLY” Scratchers ticket.
Pullen, a retired military man who was working at the helpdesk for a telecommunications company before retiring after the first lottery win, said he considers himself to be a “lucky guy.”
You think?
John Wells of the Missouri Lottery said the chances of winning US$1 million in the “US$100 Million Dollar Blockbuster” game are 1 in 2.28 million. The odds of winning US$2 million in “Mega MONOPOLY” are about the same.
The chances of winning both?
Because they're independent games, it is impossible to calculate the odds, Wells said.

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