Friday, October 1, 2010

Hair wash robot for salon.

A HAIR washing robot that uses 3D imaging to map and "remember" a person's head for the perfect rinse has been unveiled.

The hi-tech device - designed to cater for Japan's growing elderly population - was built by electronics giant Panasonic.
The machine - which resembles a dentist's chair with a wash basin - performs a 3D scan, measuring and recording the exact shape of the head, in order to apply the ideal amount of pressure when it uses its 16 rubber fingers to wash the hair.
The prototype was shown off at the 37th International Home Care and Rehabilitation exhibition in Tokyo yesterday.

Panasonic said they created the robot to meet the needs of under-pressure workers at hospitals and healthcare facilities as Japan's "silver generation" continues to grow.
The firm added: "With 16 fingers, the robot washes hair and rinses the shampoo bubbles with the dexterity of human fingers.
"The robot's two arms scan the head three dimensionally as they move and measure and remember the head shape to apply just the right amount of pressure to each person when shampooing and massaging."

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