Monday, September 27, 2010

Nigella on the turkey....

Nigella Lawson 
Nigella Lawson
Festive fun: Nigella Lawson enjoys cooking the Christmas turkey 
I always say that there's nothing quite so voluptuous as a Christmas turkey.
When I see it there, all bronzed and sizzling on our dining table, its legs akimbo, its plump breasts so vast, so juicy, so succulent, so beseeching - yes, in that instant I know the meaning of l'amour.
We all have our own ways of handling the seductive charms of the moist turkey. Some probe, others delve. Some dive deep, deep, deep, while others prefer to give all their attention to the skin, imbibing that gorgeous scent then licking, tearing, gobbling and swallowing.
Turkey is, to my mind, best consumed within the softly enfolding afterglow of a full moon. Oh, to nibble on the most slender sliver of breast as the silver-blue light shimmers enticingly upon its juicy curves!

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