Friday, October 1, 2010

Traffic warden tickets hearse at funeral - USA

Parking warden gives ticket to hearse

Hearse /Photolibrary
A US parking warden has been criticised - for issuing a ticket to a hearse parked outside a funeral service.
The woman issued £22 tickets to the hearse, another funeral director's car and the vehicles of several mourners.
The incident, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was witnessed by Jim Stingl, a journalist on the local Journal-Sentinel newspaper.
The cars were parked outside a brewery where the funeral service for local businessman Bill Penzey was being held.
Mr Stingl says that mourners told the traffic warden that the vehicles were there for a funeral.
"You are not ticketing a hearse, are you?" one asked. "It's parked illegally," the traffic warden reportedly replied.
"Never in my experience have I had a parking ticket for parking a hearse out in front of a church or anywhere we were having a service," said Marti Daniels, a manager at Church and Chapel Funeral Service.
Parking enforcement officials later agreed to cancel the tickets.
Thomas Sanders, parking enforcement manager for the city, said funerals were supposed to be given extra consideration.
"Some checkers are over zealous. They're trying to do their jobs," he said.

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