Saturday, January 22, 2011

Communist Monopoly players trade in toilet paper and bread-Poland

Serious fun ... board game has Communist theme
Serious fun ... board game has Communist theme
Central European News
Published: 21 Jan 2011

A COMMUNIST version of Monopoly has been made where players trade in bread and loo paper instead of hotels and houses.

The board game, called Queue, is the brainchild of the National Remembrance Institute in Poland to show children what the country was like in the Soviet era.
Players get a list of ten essential items like bread and toilet roll and have to travel around the board joining queues to get into state owned shops.
Instead of old favourites like Chance and Community Chest, players can draw wild cards which can get them sent to the front of queues because of a Communist Party connection or having their shop closed down for "decadence".
The game's creator Karol Madaj said: "The game not only makes players understand shopping in Poland under communism.
"It also teaches them what queuing is like - something people seem to have forgotten."
The original game of Monopoly was created in 1935 and 275million have been sold worldwide.
The longest ever game in history lasted for 70 straight days, while the most expensive version — featuring a 23 carat gold board — was created for jeweller Sidney Mobell.

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  1. Brilliant idea. We need a Latvian version as many here in Latvia yearn for what they remember as 'security' during Soviet times. On the other hand the young people born since freedom seem bent on turning against the non-citizen Russians who have remained after the Soviet pull out.