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Women dream of a jean genie....

Why most women can only dream of perfect jeans: Two-thirds can't find pair that fit

Last updated at 2:32 AM on 22nd January 2011
Snug fit: In a recent survey two thirds of women say they have never found the perfect pair of jeans
Snug fit: In a recent survey two thirds of women say they have never found the perfect pair of jeans
Skinny, boot-cut, flared, high-waisted, straight-leg, slim-fit ... on the face of it, there should be a pair of jeans for every shape and size.
But it seems that finding a pair that fit is the Holy Grail for frustrated women shoppers.
According to a survey, two thirds of women admit they have never found the
perfect pair of jeans and a third dread going shopping for them.
But men do not have the same problem – just a third found it difficult to find a good fit and only one in six hate shopping for them.
A fifth of shoppers are willing to spend more than £100 on the perfect pair, and once they find them, they are reluctant to let go – 80 per cent admitted they wear them until they fall apart.
The survey, carried out by consumer research analysts Mintel, will come as no surprise to the army of women who set out in search of the ultimate pair of jeans every weekend.
Tamara Sender, clothing analyst at Mintel, said: ‘Jeans are a staple item in everyone’s wardrobe so it is little wonder we spend so much time finding the perfect pair.
‘But it can be incredible frustrating and there can be a million different problems with the fit, whether they are too baggy, too high, too short or too tight. 
For women this is particularly difficult. They are three times as likely to be influenced by fashion and look for this season’s style, rather than what suits their body shape.
‘Skinny jeans have made the task harder because they need to be snug-fitting but comfortable.’
The survey of 1,752 consumers found that women over 55 will compromise style for comfort and seek out jeans with Lycra or more stretch.

Men, meanwhile, are more likely to look for designer labels and a hard-wearing fabric.
Retailers have launched various ranges over the years to help women find jeans that fit. In 2009, Asda created in-between sizes of 11, 13 and 15. 
And last year Levi’s launched the new Curve ID jeans after researching more than 60,000 female body shapes worldwide. 
The idea is that you can choose a pair which suits your leg length, waist size and now a third dimension shape.
Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt recently admitted she struggles to find jeans that fit her curvaceous derriere.
She said: ‘For me, it’s hard because I have a bubble butt, and a small waist, so they always have to be tailored in the waist or they fit too tight. Jeans are the most impossible find when you go shopping.’

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