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Britain's brainiest school...

Britain's brainiest school (where eight pupils are 'as clever as Einstein and Stephen Hawking')

Last updated at 1:06 PM on 21st September 2010
The school where Sir Isaac Newton studied three centuries ago is celebrating after producing a whole raft of modern-day geniuses.
More than 30 pupils from King's School in Grantham have IQs high enough to get into Mensa and eight students are as clever as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.
The hardworking pupils from the Lincolnshire boys' school - where Newton studied in 1655 - were admitted to the super-smart society after passing the Mensa test.
Brainy: Pupils from King's School in Grantham. Circled, left to right, are James Kelly, with an IQ of 160, Edward Roberts, with an IQ of 161, and Will Cleasby, with an IQ of 160
Brainy: Pupils from King's School in Grantham, Lincolnshire. Circled (l-r) are James Kelly with an IQ of 160, Edward Roberts with an IQ of 161, and Will Cleasby with an IQ of 160
Edward Roberts, 16, topped the scores at a staggering 161 points - one point higher than Stephen Hawking and the estimated score of Albert Einstein.
Seven other pupils at the school equalled the top scholars by scoring 160 points, while a further 19 scored so highly they are in the top one per cent of the population.
In order to be admitted into Mensa, applicants must score an IQ in the top two per cent of the population, or 148, while the average for the UK is currently 100.
Edward, who is currently studying AS Levels in music, French, biology and chemistry, said he was 'delighted' to beat Einstein and Hawking.
He said: 'I was hoping to get into Mensa but it was a bit unexpected to do so well, my friends keep saying "wow you're a genius".
 King's School in Grantham, Lincolnshire
Results: King's School in Grantham, where Sir Isaac Newton studied

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