Friday, September 24, 2010

top prize one million dumplings-Russia

World Karaoke competition: top prize one million dumplings

The world's top karaoke singers have flown into Russia to battle it out for the world title in the emerging "sport" and the unusual top prize of one million Siberian dumplings.

Karaoke Wold Championships in in Moscow
Tami Marie of the United States performing 'Misery' at the Karaoke Wold Championships in in Moscow Photo: AP
Contestants from 28 countries, including the UK, have already started to belt out hit songs from the likes of Abba and Queen giving impassioned performances they hope will win the 2010 Karaoke World Championships.
Each country is represented by a male and female contestant and the competition, which started on Thursday, will culminate today (Saturday) when the jury makes its decisions.
However, this year's top prize of on million Siberian dumplings or "pelmeni" has raised eyebrows.
Natalia Pilyutina, a Russian estate agent who won the top female prize last year, suggested the winner donate the dumplings to poorer countries taking part in the contest.
Organisers said contestants were allowed to perform their songs in different languages but must be genuine amateurs.
Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive, Madonna's Vogue and Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You were favourites.

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