Friday, September 24, 2010

No ID for 8 year old girl... No wine !!

Supermarket refuses to sell bottle of wine to father... because he has no ID for his eight-year-old daughter

Last updated at 2:56 PM on 24th September 2010

A father who went shopping with his daughter claims checkout staff refused to sell him a bottle of wine because he had no ID for the eight-year-old.
Navid Asadi, 28, says he was asked for identification as he arrived at the till with Leyla at the Tesco Express store in Leigh, Essex.
Despite explaining his daughter was only eight, he claims shop workers refused to sell him the alcohol and said the store later confirmed their decision was company policy.
Mr Asadi, who had popped into the shop to buy groceries, said: 'I just can't believe it.
'I totally understand if you are 18 and with a group of kids but my daughter is eight.
Navid Asadi was stunned when he was asked for little Leyla's identification by checkout staff at the Tesco Express store
A father who went shopping with his daughter in Leigh, Essex, claims checkout staff refused to sell him a bottle of wine because he had no ID for the eight-year-old
'I was buying potatoes, bananas, ham, regular shopping, and had a bottle of wine and they would not serve it to me.
'They didn't serve me so I left the whole shopping and walked out.'
Mr Asadi, from Hadleigh in Essex, added: 'I don't understand it. I was just standing there in shock. She is just eight.
'What did they want me to do? Let her stand outside on her own because I want to buy a bottle of wine?'
After leaving the shop he called the supermarket's headquarters.
'I even called Tesco head office and they said that this is the policy. It is madness,' he said.
A spokesman for the supermarket said: 'Tesco is unable to confirm this incident occurred.
'We are looking into it with the store as a matter of urgency.'
Angela Ives, 46, was refused two bottles of white wine at an Iceland store in Wickford, Essex, last year because she had her 17-year-old daughter with her.
In July, 67-year-old pensioner Christopher Page from Harlow, Essex, was refused a bottle of cider at his local One Stop Shop because he did not have acceptable ID - despite showing his bus pass.

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