Friday, September 24, 2010

High heels are smoking....

Marijuana Comes With Online Shoe Order

Police Are Investigating After Woman's Order Includes Pot

POSTED: 7:18 pm CDT September 22, 2010
UPDATED: 7:26 am CDT September 23, 2010

Betty James ordered a pair of sneakers online for one of her children from Finish Line Inc.'s website.
She was stunned when she opened the box Tuesday and found marijuana wrapped in a cigar leaf, known as a blunt.
James said her immediate reaction was, "What?!"
The shoebox was shipped from a Finish Line store in Omaha. James contacted the company and has yet to hear back from management. She also called the Kansas City Police Department.
Officers came to James' home and tested the leaf. The tests showed it was indeed marijuana. The marijuana, the box and the shipping bag were taken by police into evidence. James kept the shoes.

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