Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang flies again...

Dad makes Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Stuart Wallis and his Chitty Chitty Bang Bang replica /Solent News/Rex Features
A Hampshire man has spent three months turning a clapped-out 1976 Land Rover into a replica of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Stuart Wallis stripped the 34-year old wreck down to its chassis, engine and wheels before transforming it into his own version of the famous flying car.
Mr Wallis, 52, of Ringwood, took on the project after his eldest daughter, Lily, watched the classic film and challenged him to make a similar one.
After visiting Beaulieu Motor Museum to take photos and measurements of a separate replica, he set to work at his New Forest Metal Works business.
Stuart and a six strong team have worked over the past three months turning the Land Rover he paid £1,000 for into a copy of the world famous car.
Stuart said: "My kids have always enjoyed the film so I thought 'why not?'.
"The children all helped with the building of the car so they were all aware of how it was progressing but now it is finished I don't think they can quite believe it."
The vehicle features a 1,000 watt amplifier under the bonnet and loudspeakers so it can blast out hits from the film, as well as eight sets of air horns to create animal noises and police sirens.
In keeping with the film, it has red and yellow wings attached to the sides - although making the contraption fly for real was a step too far, even for Mr Wallis.
His children, Lily, 10, Tom, nine, and Zoe, seven, and their young neighbours Chloe and Elise Collins now love nothing better than a spin in the truly scrumptious machine.

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