Monday, September 20, 2010

Drunk rescued after getting stuck in recycling bin

Drunk rescued after getting stuck in recycling bin

A drunk had to be rescued by fire crews after he got trapped inside a recycling bin.

Legs protruding from a recycling bin
The man got stuck inside a recycling bin Photo: CORBIS
A dog walker heard cries of 'help' coming from a clothes recycling bin outside Great Wakering Sports Centre, in Great Wakering, Essex, at 6.30am on Saturday.
The man, believed to be Lithuanian and described as 'drunk', climbed into the metal bin on his way home because he was cold - but got stuck inside.

A spokesman for Essex Fire Service said the good samaritan dialled 999 after efforts to pull the man free failed.
She said: ''A woman walking her dog heard the cries of a man stuck in a closed recycling bin outside the sports centre and raised the alarm for crews to go to help.
''Two appliances were sent to the incident and when firefighters arrived at the scene they found the woman comforting a young man who had clearly had a good night out.
''Crews requested the attendance of police as they reported that the casualty, although unharmed, may have trouble finding his way home.
''How he got into the bin is a bit of a mystery, but he would still be there if the woman hadn't heard his cries for help.
''She was unable to get him out, so called the Fire Service for assistance. We don't know how he got there. Apparently he wanted somewhere warm and dry.'

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