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30, Single & happy... - India

30, single and happy

30, single and happy (Thinkstock photos/ Getty Images)

Girls today prefer to wait and watch before they settle for the 'bended knee' moment 

Ladies today may go about their business of finding themselves a knight in shining armour with romantic ardour, but they seem to be in no hurry to say 'I do'.

A recent study conducted by the Office for National Statistics has shown that the average age of women getting married for the first time has passed 30 and is still rising. There are a number of reasons attributing to this trend; the most definitive being that women today enjoy financial independence. Girls don't need a man to cater to their every need. Sarika Krishnan, 28, project leader in an MNC, says marriage is the last thing on her mind. "While I'm a firm believer in the institution of marriage, I think that one shouldn't get into it just because the age is 'right'. The mindset has to be right. I have worked hard to get to where I am and I'm in no hurry to open a joint account with anyone else!"

This mindset is evolving in conservative socities as well. Sociologist Namitha says, "The perception has changed today. But then the average age for marriage would still be lesser than 30."

For many, marriage isn't the only option to lead a life of togetherness – the concept of living-in, which has started gaining acceptance in India, is an option. Advertising professional Rithika Sharma feels that since living-in is as good as marriage, it is the perfect chance to decide whether or not marriage will be a viable option. She admits, "I am 29 and have been living in with my partner for the last two years. People say that I might as well have married him, but I'm glad I did it this way because you learn more about a relationship when there's no bond tying you down."

But what trumps all other factors is simply the lure of being footloose and fancy free that has got women shirking the 'on bended knee' moment. "I love the fact that I am answerable to no one but myself. At 30, I know I am just as (if not better) groomed as the average 25-year old," shrugs HR manager Shruthi Shekar, "I wasn't ready when I was 25, I'm ready now, but how many men are willing to have me? The oldest of men still prefer nubile nymphs, don't they!" 

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