Sunday, October 24, 2010

Witches, fairies & guardian angels live in Britain.

Britain 'home to witches, fairies, and guardian angels'

Britain is home to witches, fairies, and guardian angels, according to a 25-year-study of paranormal activity.

Britain 'home to witches, fairies, and guardian angels'
The Supernatural Angel Report compiled a list of supposed paranormal occurrences which have been reported to the police over the past two and a half decades.
A total of 755 incidents were documented ranging from healing and helpful entities, to visions of angels and animal spirits.
The report claimed that benign entities are the most common angelic paranormal experience with 192 reported cases.
Most of those apparently took place in Yorkshire with 18 reported cases.
There were 104 supposed visions of angels, 44 of fairies, 32 of witches, and 24 of guardian angels.
In Sutton Wood in Derbyshire there was a report of something seeming to be an angel which took the form of a monk.
The report described the entity as very holy and having an aura of goodness that made them feel glad that they had seen it.
It was carried out ahead of the DVD launch of the fifth season of hit show Supernatural.

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