Friday, October 29, 2010

Tall ship loses mast in Atlantic.

Tall ship loses mast in Atlantic

A tall ship lost its mast during gales, prompting the Navy to launch a rescue mission.

The Royal Navy sent search and rescue helicopters from its base at Culdrose, Cornwall, to aid the stricken ship, which is in difficulties 100 miles south west of the Isles of Scilly.
The twin-masted The Fryderya Chopin has lost one of its masts in stormy conditions with 47 people on board, including several children.
A Royal Navy spokesman said: ''Arrangements are being put in place to attempt to tow the vessel to safety and Culdrose's helicopter Rescue 193 is en route with a back-up helicopter standing by at Culdrose.''
The Polish-registered 180ft (55m) long ship has so far lost one of its two masts, but there are fears it could lose the second.
A spokesman for the Coastguard confirmed the ship was carrying teenage cadets.
He said: "There are currently 47 people aboard the training vessel, including some teenagers.
"No injuries have been incurred and the vessel is awaiting tow. We are constantly monitoring the situation and staying in touch with the master."
The master requested immediate assistance at 8:03am saying they were in danger of losing their second mast and were experiencing Gale Force 9 winds.
Falmouth Coastguard put out a broadcast for help from other ships in the area and three vessels were heading towards the tall ship.
On route were the Container Vessel 'Andromodar' and Bulk Carrier 'Cornelia' and a large fishing vessel 'Nova Spirro'.

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