Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi there, it's 'ice of you to drop by...


THIS polar bear loves nothing more than giving his adoring fans a wave.

The fame-hungry bear can't wait for tourists to come cruising through his snowy home and will even get out of bed to pose for the cameras.
The antics of the friendly polar bear were snapped by Swedish photographer, Hans Strand.
During a cruise through Svalbard in the Arctic, the 54-year-old took photos of the cheeky bear as he came out to perform for the excited crowd.
But it was third time lucky for Hans who missed the amazing moment the first two times and had to wait for the bear to show off for the third time.
Hans, from Stockholm, said: "I was on board the ship just taking in the view when I suddenly saw a head pop up from behind the ice about 15 metres away.
"Everyone on the ship got really excited and started rushing over to the one side to get a better view.
"He was yawning as though he'd just woken up but even so he seemed to be enjoying all the attention and walked over to us.

"He waved twice and everyone was pointing and cheering but I had to change the battery in my camera.
"I was willing him to wave a third time and then he finally lifted his hand and started again. Thankfully I managed to capture the shot.
"After that he kept standing up on his back legs and playing up to the camera.
"He was really enjoying himself and kept us entertained for a good few minutes.
"I couldn't believe it, I've never seen anything like it before."

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