Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Baa-d move...

The real RAM raider: Angry sheep smashes up house after charging his own reflection and smashing through patio doors

Last updated at 12:46 PM on 15th September 2010
When Ed and Paula Smith returned home after a pleasant walk in the country they were greeted by a scene of utter carnage.
An intruder had smashed their patio doors and gone on wrecking spree around their home causing at least £7,000 worth of damage.
As well as ruining carpets and walls in their £550,000 home, their range cooker had been smashed, their plasma television lay in ruins and several items of furniture were badly damaged.
Paula Smith outside her home in Tockholes
Smashed up: Paula Smith beside the boarded up patio doors which sparked the ram raid on her home in Tockholes
The horrified couple could only imagine a gang of thugs with a grievance had broken in to exact a terrible revenge.
But in fact the devastation had been caused by a rampaging lustful ram.
The horned hoodlum had been mating with ewes in the field of a nearby farm when he managed to escape.
He got into the Smith’s garden where it spotted its own reflection in their patio doors.
Believing it to be another ram - a rival for the attentions of the ewes - it charged the doors and smashed its way into the house.
But once inside it spotted a reflection of a ram in the door of the expensive range cooker and then in the shiny television screen and then in the polished furniture.
Despite the best efforts of the pursuing farmer and his wife, the ram could not be controlled.
Mrs Smith, 50, who runs a livery stable, said she and her husband, Ed, 46, a truck driver, thought they had been raided by a gang of burglars while they were out walking.

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