Friday, September 17, 2010

New stairway to heaven for Chinese school.

Nightmare school run is over

New and old school run /Quirky China News
Children attending a school built on a platform nearly 10,000ft up a remote mountain finally have a safe school run.
A new steel stairway on the cliff has been erected to replace the rickety old home-made wooden ladders, reports Chengdu Business Daily.
Erping Village Elementary School was built in Gangluo County, Sichuan Province, to educate children in remote mountain communities.
It gained the nickname 'Heaven Ladder School' because part of the journey to school involved several precarious wooden ladders.
"The two teachers would have to escort students up and down the ladders because it was so dangerous and tiring," said one parent, Mu Naiyibu.
Local government officials agreed to spend £10,000 on replacing the ladders with a metal stairway after the dangerous journey was highlighted by a local newspaper.
And they have invested another £170,000 on building new classrooms and bringing electricity to school to end the old practice of teaching pupils in candle-lit houses made of mud.
Li Guilin, who set up the school with his wife 20 years ago, said: "The school will definitely have a better future now. My wife and I will stay here till until we are too old to climb the stairs."

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