Thursday, September 16, 2010

Giant Arcus cloud rolls over town-Australia.

Incredible giant 'roll cloud' looms over photographer's house

Last updated at 11:49 AM on 16th September 2010
Sometimes, the pictures come to you. A wedding photographer managed to be lucky enough to step outside his front door and witnesses this incredible scene.
Rob Sharrock snapped up his Nikon D300 and dashed out to capture this monstrous roll cloud which seems to go on forever.
Mr Sharrock , from Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, lives in the house with the awning to the left of the frame.
 Roll clouds
An incredible roll cloud dominates the skies above the photographer's house in Australia. Roll clouds ocurr ahead of storm fronts
The roll cloud is a subtype of arcus cloud - the funnel is horizontal and does not connect to the ground.The other subtype of arcus is a shelf cloud, which also often appear to precede storm fronts.
These rare long clouds sometimes form near advancing cold fronts. A downdraft from an advancing storm front can cause moist warm air to rise, cool below its dew point, and so form a cloud.
When this happens uniformly along an extended front, a roll cloud may form.
Mr Sharrock said: 'It was amazing. I couldn't believe my luck in getting something like this right outside my own home.
'I just looked up in the sky and said "Bloody hell, what on earth is that? It seemed to go on for miles. It was truly incredible

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